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Britannia Preschool

Uli Owen

Primary Guide
Uli fell in love with Montessori when her son attended a school in London, England, for three years. Ever since then it had been her dream to become a Montessori teacher and inspire other children the way her son was, and inspiring a desire for life-long learning. Her journey has taken her to three continents, acquiring two Montessori Teaching Diplomas and allowing her to study different languages and become an English as a Second Language Teacher, as well as completing a Diploma in Child Psychology. While traveling and living in various countries, Uli also developed a love for different cultures, cuisines and customs. Other than studying, Uli loves reading and challenging herself to learn new skills, one of which being scuba-diving. Becoming a Master Scuba diver has made Uli appreciate a whole other world! Since moving to Calgary five years ago, Uli has taken up hiking and exploring the mountains.

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