COVID-19 Policy

Ensuring the safest possible environment for your child's learning

We will continue to follow updates from Alberta Health and the Ministry of Child and Family Services (our licensing body). We continue to be diligent in keeping our children and staff safe at school.


At CMS, we take safety and hygiene for our staff and students seriously. We strive to keep everyone and everything in the classroom as germ free as possible.


Washing hands often is the number one recommendation for keeping everyone healthy. Although we have hand sanitizer available, it is not recommended for regular use by young children. We have the children washing with soap and water regularly throughout the day. They  wash hands when they arrive at school. They wash hands before and after eating.  In order to keep the soap dispensers free of germs, we ask every child to bring their own hand soap dispenser (with their name on it) to school. That way, they are only touching their own soap when they wash hands and you can choose the soap your child will use. We keep the soap at school and we let you know when your child's soap is running low so it can be replaced.

We also know that we need to avoid touching our faces. This can be very hard for the children, but although we do not nag them, we encourage keeping hands away from faces regularly. We will also promote proper coughing and sneezing protocols by showing the children how to use their elbow and by keeping tissue boxes in several places in the room. We hope that you will work on good hand washing and sneezing techniques at home with your child.


Each child needs to bring their own snack in a container that is kept in their cubby and goes home each day. If your child will be eating lunch at school, it is important to designate what is snack and what is lunch in their container so that they don't eat too much at snack time and not have enough left for lunch. If their snack (or lunch) requires any utensils, you must send them from home. We do not share any food. When we celebrate birthdays, only sealed bags of store bought popcorn is allowed - we pour individual servings onto a napkin for each child. The children sit at a designated snack table and that table will be sanitized after each child snacks.


The teachers spot sanitize the materials and furniture during class to be sure that touchable surfaces are safe. Sinks and toilets are sanitized after each use.

Drop off and pick up

At drop off, the door will be propped open and a teacher will be waiting inside to take your child from you at the outside door. (parents do not come into the building with their child) The teachers will facilitate the hanging up of coats and putting on of indoor shoes. It is important that you prepare your child over the summer for this outside door drop off. When you come to pick up your child, please wait outside until we open the door and bring your child to you.Please note: the outside drop off and pick up does not apply to our West or Killarney locations. the children there will be dropped off and picked up outside the classroom entrance.


If your child has any symptoms of illness, you cannot bring them to school. If your child exhibits any symptoms while at school, you will be phoned to immediately pick up your child from school. If the symptoms could be Covid related we recommend that your child get tested for Covid19.  No matter what illness your child has they need to stay home until symptoms have disappeared for at least 24 hours. This is a policy that all of our classrooms follow and our teachers will be governed by the same protocol.

We realize that many of our children suffer from allergies or underlying conditions that mean that they may often or always have a runny nose, cough, etc. The protocol from Alberta Health is that a child with allergies needs to give us a list that will be kept at school of any usual symptoms that your child may exhibit from allergies. If your child's allergies are seasonal, please indicate on the list when they usually exhibit symptoms.. We will only need to send your child home if they exhibit symptoms that are unusual.

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