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Tinbite Wondmagegnhu

Tinbite was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tinbite earned her degree in Sociology and Social Administration from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. She had also completed postgraduate courses in Early Childhood Intervention Education and Health program at Malardalen University, Sweden. Tinbite started her first career as a social worker at Christian Children’s Fund (in Ethiopia). In 2008 Tinbite moved to Canada and discovered Montessori education; she immediately was drawn to its philosophy and values and received her Montessori teaching certificate from the Centre for Guided Montessori Studies. Over the course of the past 11 years, Tinbite has devoted herself to guiding and nurturing young minds as a Montessori Guide. She began her journey at Maria Montessori Preschool and Elementary Inc. in Saskatoon and continued at Calgary Montessori School. Tinbite is both honored and excited to be an integral part of the unique and enriching learning environment that Calgary Montessori School provides.

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