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Britannia Preschool

Maryline Fortier

Primary Assistant and French Language Instruction
Maryline Fortier's career started in elementary school in Montreal where she spent 7 years working with special needs children after obtaining her diploma in special education. She pursued a personal journey to Western Canada in 2012, which lead her to study and train in the field of education and mindfulness. She discovered a real passion for teaching mindfulness to children, which then lead her to pursue a degree in education and entrepreneurship at Université Laval à Québec. Through her study process she encountered Montessori pedagogy and became intrigued. When she moved back to the West in January 2019, she had a tour of Calgary Montessori School and that was the day her love story with Montessori started. She loves the pedagogy and plans to get her AMI Montessori Certification in the near future.

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